Buhanga Eco Park is a small forest covering about 31 hectares, always termed “sacred, and it is known for rituals by the Kings of Yore of Rwanda, where enthronement and initiations for kingship were done.  This forest is endowed with beautiful eco systems, which is good for nature lovers on stony trails under tall Majestics trees, with climbing and creeping plants that have enhanced the growth and development of colorful butterflies and different bird species singing in the air.

This magnificent eco-park is located in the northern part of Rwanda near the captivating Volcanoes National Park in Nyakinama district. The captivating eco-park is one of the famous attractions in the heart of Africa. Visitors flock to the eco-park from all corners of the world to come and have a compelling adventure in the Great Lakes region. The intoxicating feelings in the vicinity of the National Park are worth all the efforts put in.

 A brief history of Buhanga Eco Park.

The Herculean land was formerly a sacred site that was mostly used for the coronation ceremonies of kings. The picturesque Buhanga eco-park was home to the powerful monarch – King Gahinga who was a celebrated leader in the 11th century and is believed to be the founder of the Kingdom of Nyanza. The remains of the Kingdom can be found today at the Nyanza King’s palace not far away from the eco park.

Uniqueness and attractions of the eco-park.

Rugged trails. The spectacular Buhanga eco-park is made up of rugged trails that are forged out of cut lava stones. These provide beautiful scenery that are good for viewing and relaxation as you watch the sunrise and sunset. Such moments in a natural environment are worth living.

Butterflies. This eco-park has a good number of butterflies that fly in the skies offering beautiful moments to the visitors. Guests at the park tend to stare and admire the beauty of the serene environment graced with the presence of charming butterflies.

Birds. Being next to Volcanoes National Park, the eco-park is often visited by rare bird species that visitors get to watch while at the park.

Rare tree species. The land at the eco-park is made up of a section with a forest that is made up of rare tree species which incorporate; Ibiganiro, umusando, and igihondohondo to mention but a few. Some of these tree species are medicinal and visitors get to have an insight of the medical purposes of the trees, especially the stems, roots and leaves. Once eaten or showered, it can cure skin diseases and hypertension.

Activities done at the charming Buhanga eco-park.

Bird watching.

Rare bird species tend to visit the eco park and these encompass black bee eaters, great blue turacos, cinnamons, egrets, piapias, pin-tailed whydahs, African fish eagles, African spoonbill, Doherty’s bush shrike, hadada ibis, African paradise flycatcher, yellow-billed oxpecker and gravers broadbill. These can be watched by visitors using binoculars and also take pictures of them as souvenirs of their adventure at the park.

There are hills at the park and once hiked up to the top visitors get to discover the spectacular ecosystem of the area and beautiful views of the distant volcanoes. The hiking activity is an exciting adventure in this park and helps visitors reconnect with nature as they hike through the hilly areas.

Nature walks.
The exciting nature walks are conducted by professional tourist guides who understand the eco-park very well and are committed to providing compelling unforgettable experiences to guests. A walk through the park offers visitors opportunities to have the feel of the breeze in the lush vegetation and the dense tropical forests.

Gorilla tracking.
Since the park is near the original Volcanoes National Park jungle, Visitors can easily access the park to track gorillas. The activity is accompanied by professional tourist guides that provide information visitors need to know about the gentle giants therein.