boat cruise in rwanda

Boat cruises in Rwanda

Rwanda is a beautiful country located in the eastern part of Africa and has magnificent water bodies that offer opportunities for luxurious and mid-range boat cruises which provide overjoyed experiences to travelers who engage in them. Boat cruises in Rwanda are done in well-furnished speedboats, ferries and other state-of-the-art water vessels with life jackets that provide unworried adventures to travelers seeking unforgettable experiences.  Rwanda is one of the best boat cruise destinations in East Africa due to the amenities provided by boat cruise companies alongside the experiences that are unforgettable to visitors who engage in them. Boat cruises in Rwanda are often conducted on two major water bodies that is, Lake Kivu and Lake Ihema as explained below;

Composed boat cruises at Lake Kivu.

Lake Kivu is a magnificent water body located at the border of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and covers an area of approximately 2700 square kilometres. The lake is characterized by green waters which offer charming views on boat excursions. The picturesque lake has three resort districts that is to say; Karonzi, Rubavu and Rusizi which provide amenities and relaxation spots for tourists who indulge in these amorous boat cruises.

 A boat cruise at Lake Kivu allows you opportunities of viewing bird species that are so rare in other parts of the world yet so come on in the lake vicinity these incorporate great blue turacos, Abyssinian ground hornbill, malachite kingfisher, African fish eagles, cinnamons, egrets and cranes. All these subsequently add up to the overall visitor experiences in Rwanda.

All travellers that go for boat cruises always have life jackets on, which enhances the security while on water and ensures that they enjoy the holidays to the maximum. Such measures make the lake an outstanding destination for boat cruises in Rwanda.

Soothed boat cruises at Lake Ihema.

The charming lake is located in the popular Akagera National Park in the Eastern province of Rwanda. Being located in a National Park, boat excursions on Lake Ihema are more sensational and provide opportunities for visitors to view fierce wild animals such as hippopotami, African Bush elephants, Rhinos, African buffaloes, leopards, lions, serval cats and Nile crocodiles.

Several bird species can also be viewed while on the boat cruises at this contemporary lake including; secretary birds, grey crowned cranes, hammerkops, hadada ibis, African spoonbill, African paradise flycatcher, yellow-billed oxpecker, African open bill, piapias and black bee-eaters. Both cruises at the bustling lake are always conducted in the morning hours and evening with the morning starting at 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM and afternoon hours starting at 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

Other exciting activities in Rwanda.

Rwanda is a very beautiful country and its endowments provide opportunities for a wide range of activities the tourists often find themselves lost in and these encompass;

State House visits:

Travelers often travel to the presidential home and get motivation and it also gives opportunities for photography due to the spectacular views of the home.

Local dance performances:

The beautiful banyarwanda perform their cultural dances for visitors which helps elevate their experiences. For example, the Intore dance troupe is good at Kinyarwanda dance and is often contacted to come and entertain visitors at ceremonies.

 Market tours:

Tours to marketplaces are also conducted in the country, especially food markets and arts and crafts. For example the popular Kimironko market, we have visitors buy souvenirs of their Rwanda adventures.

Art centre tours:

Art lovers too have been catered for in Rwanda and tours to art galleries are often conducted for example tours to the Inema art centre help art enthusiasts appreciate more of the art in Rwanda and also buy some of the art pieces which helps boost the economy.


As part of helping others that are less advantaged in the world, tourists often engage in acts of voluntourism, especially in communities that are still impoverished.

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