big five safaris in akagera national park


The big five safaris in Akagera National Park, Rwanda are also one of the most eye-catching moments for visitors on Rwandan safari and they include Rhinos, Elephants, Leopards, Lions and buffaloes.

Rwanda is one of the top tourist destinations in East Africa and these big five fiercest wildlife of all can only be sighted in one of its famous national parks known as Akagera National park. This is where visitors get to learn more about their behaviors and the way they socialize with other animals in the wild.  

It should however be noted that initially Rwanda didn’t host the Big five animals at all but this happened after its strong cooperation and relationships with other countries. In the 1994 during the horrible Rwandan genocide, a big number of part of the big five animals were killed including over 300 lions in number which left the country with limited to no big five animals at all.

Just not long ago in the year 2019, the Czech Republic due to its strong and genuine ties with Rwanda relocated 5 black rhinos that included 3 females and 2 males to Akagera National Park which led to the introduction of rhino species in the country hence boosting the tourism sector with joint efforts. 

Even when the sorrowful genocide ceased, a big number of the migrants that had run away from the war later returned after 1994 and settled in the areas of the Akagera National Park.  It was because of this encroachment that a number of big five animals were also killed in a large number in fight for space and protection against their cattle. 

Again with Rwanda’s good political ties with South Africa, through one of its non-profit organizations, 2 male lions and 5 female lions were introduced to Akagera National park which later led to the introduction of lion species in the country.   Visitors will sight the big five animals including the Rhinos, Lions, Leopards, Buffaloes and Elephants during their engagement in several tourist activities in the park and the whole feeling is just an awesome and unforgettable one.


The is comprised of several fresh water bodies, woodland, wetland and Savannah which provide shelter and drinking water to a number of other specie mammals so putting the big five safaris in Akagera National park aside, the park also offers stunning wildlife views and a number of other mammal species including the Olive baboon, Warthog, Masai giraffe, Vervet monkeys and Burchell’s zebras.

Boat cruising in Akagera.

Akagera National Park hosts the popular Lake Ihema and visitors who are in for the boat cruise can have such a remarkable cruise on these fresh waters with their loved ones while they are in for the Rwandan safari. Lake Ihema is the second largest lake in Rwanda so visitors can anticipate a rewarding boat trip.

Apart from the big five, this is where visitors also get a chance to sight aquatic water life and species including crocodiles and hippopotamuses along the shores of Lake Ihema plus a number of stunning bird species.  Just like most of the other boat trips, a boat trip in Akagera kicks off as early as 7:30am for the morning session before the afternoon session of around 3pm and the last evening session at around 4:30pm.

Birding in Akagera national park.

For birding lovers while on Rwanda Safari, Akagera is one of the right spots for birding activities in Rwanda with several bird species including egrets, swamp fly catchers, red faced barbets, marabou stocks and the famous rare shoe bills.  Akagera national park homes over 500 bird species.

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