This 25 days Uganda safari takes you on a vacation to the four ends of Uganda. It is a trip to uncover the “wonders of the pearl of Africa”, see the big5 cats, change your meal, and make new friends. The experience starts with the view of Lake Victoria which is the third largest fresh water lake in the world. You will explore; River Nile In Jinja city; Mountain Elgon National park, Nyero rock painting in Teso,  the Karamojongs, and Kidepo valley national park in the eastern safari circuit.

Murchison falls National Park with her Murchison falls national park which is the world’s most powerful waterfalls, Kibale forest national park for chimpanzees; crater lakes at fort portal city; Birds and hot springs in Semuliki national park, zebras in Lake Mburo, tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park; Shoe bill stock in Mabamba island, the equator experience, Gorillas at Bwindi impenetrable national park and the tranquility of Lake Bunyonyi. All these national parks are located upcountry, thus a great opportunity for you to escape from noise. In the unspoilt savannah parks and around the country, you will do game drive, boat cruise, cultural tours, city tours, crater tours, chimpanzee trekking, Gorilla trekking, nature walk, and more. The journey starts and ends in Entebbe international airport.

Day 1: Arrival

Today, you will meet and greet our driver guide at the agreed pickup point which is Entebbe international airport. You will be briefed on how the days will be spent, the safari activities, and the facts about the pearl of Africa-Uganda. Depending on the time you will land, we will transfer you to the Hotel for dinner and a peaceful stay.

The road trip to the hotel is with the view of Lake Victoria, busy towns, and the magnificent infrastructure and lasts for approximately 1.5 hours. Kampala is the capital city of Uganda. The name is derived from the Impalas which is the largest Antelope species.

Kampala is a city in central part of Uganda surrounded by 7 hills. There is a vibrant night life which you can join if you are still feeling fresh and active.

Day 2: Mabamba shoebill tour

After breakfast, you will head with your guide to the docking point for a canoe ride to Mabamba Island for the shoe bill tour. The shoe bill is one of the sought after birds in the world. They live in swampy area and just a few places are their asylum in Uganda. Mabamba wetland is located in the north shore of Lake Victoria in the western part of Entebbe city. It covers about 2424ha, featuring lush marshes of papyrus, wetland grasses and the water lilies.

This is one of the prime birding sites in Uganda. There are over 300 bird species here 7 being the species endemic to Lake Victoria, and a vast numbers of Palearctic migrants that come through between October and march each year. The canoe you will use in quest for the shoe bill and other birds is wooden in nature, ridden through thick marshes.

To the natives, a Shoebill is locally called “Boolwe” and not until the conservation, it was a fisher man’s enemy as it is fed on Lung fish which is sought after by the fishermen. It is reported that as of today, there is about 12 adult shoe bills in the Mabamba area. You will take a ride up close them, taking photos and asking the guide more about them. Other birds you might encounter include among others; black-winged stilt, African jacanas, African fish eagle, blue-cheeked bee eater, double toothed barbet, green cuckoo, hamerkoop, African pigmy goose, blue swallow, common Moorhen, great white Egret, and the hadada Ibis.

Shoebills love to hunt, and so it takes some time to find them. After the shoe bill watching experience, you will have a Lunch break, and then go follow the footpath which is situated at exit point. This path is through eucalyptus tree plantations, bush land, and plantations and exposes you to botany. After finding one of the rarest birds in Uganda, have an evening ride back to the lodge for refreshment, dinner and a nap.

Day 3: Transfer to the slopes of Mountain Elgon NP

Wake up to a mouthwatering breakfast meal at the lodge. Thereafter, start the Journey to Mountain Elgon national park in Mbale city. This route gives you a stunning view of the landscape, the lush Mabira forest which is one of the few existing natural forests in Uganda; the women with their roasted chicken and bananas; the plantations and the magical Jinja Bridge at the Nile. There will be an enroute stopover in Jinja for Lunch at the Nile. Additional activities in Jinja include; a canoe ride to the source of the Nile which is a point where river Nile-the longest river on earth starts her three-month Journey to the Mediterranean Sea.

You will also take photos, see the monument of Mahat Magadhi, and refresh at the cool atmosphere. Afterword’s, the Journey to Mountain Elgon National park resumes, with the view of the rolling hills, busy towns, and the eye-catching plantation cover. You will arrive at your lodge at the park at sunset. After check-in, you will retire to bed with dinner and overnight.

Day 4: Sipi Falls Hike

Start the day with a cup of coffee, because it is the way to go. Thereafter, a 3-hour hike to the three powerful falls of Sippi follow. The Hike is a little tedious but worth it. You pass through the plantations where the guide will help you understand, the bamboo plants, local communities and farmlands. You have birds to identify, and on a lucky day primates. Sippi falls in located in Mountain Elgon, which is with one of the highest mountain slopes in the continent of Africa. It has a magnificent caldera at an elevation of 4,321m above sea level thus the 17th highest in African. Sippi falls flows from Mountain Elgon summit. The highest fall is at 100mtrs above sea level, the second is at 85 mtrs above sea level and with a man-made cave and the last is at 65mtrs above sea level.

Upon arrival, you will explore the three mighty falls, take photos and engage in Abseiling from the top to the bottom of the falls. Lunch will be served on time, as you will return to the lodge in the evening, first visiting where craft is made. End this day with dinner and a nap.

Day 5: Transfer to Kidepo valley NP via Nyero rock Painting

After breakfast, you will checkout of the lodge for a transfer to Kidepo valley in the northern part of Uganda. This Journey takes about 8-9 hours, with an enroute stopover for site seeing at Nyero rock painting and for lunch. The route to the park is through the Karamojong settlements.

Because of culture and the weather of the place, it shouldn’t surprise you to see some half naked, grass thatched homesteads, people not smart of on shoes, members gathered around one pot, herds men with hundreds of cattle. It is their way of life of which they are pride. Unless authorized, photography isn’t allowed as respect. Watch the rocks, desert areas, and the Karamojongs to the park in the evening. You will arrive and settle in for dinner and a night stay.

Day 6: Game drive and Karamojong village experience

First thing today, wakeup to a sunrise game drive with hopes of encountering the hunters return to their hideouts and the grazers start their day as well. The game drive is a round the Kidepo valley and Narus valley, with some permanent rivers. This is a desert, but with one of the most stunning landscapes in the African continent. For 3-4 hours, your undivided attention will be with hopes of encountering among others the; cheetah, and ostrich which can be found nowhere else in Uganda; the lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, giraffes, antelopes, warthogs and more.

Sun rise gives higher chances of seeing more animals than when the sun is high and the animals have gone in hiding. The animals move freely and thus encountering them is by luck except for a few that are so common. You will also identify some desert plants like the lobelias, birds and some primates. Pay attention to the facts as stated by the ranger guide. Afterword’s, you will return to the lodge for breakfast, followed by lunch.

In the evening, there will be a Karamojong community experience. The Karamojong people are renowned herds men and warriors, yet so receptive to visitors. The evening will be for stories, community walk around the manyattas, and then dance and songs by the natives of the place. End the day with dinner and overnight.

Day 7: Transfer to Murchison Falls NP

After breakfast, you will checkout of the lodge with an exit game drive. Hopefully you will encounter some of those animals you might have missed in the previous day of game drives. The Journey to the park takes about 6-7 hours, with an enroute stopover for Lunch. The sites on your way to Uganda’s largest and oldest national Park – Murchison Falls national park include; the lush plantations, rolling hills, water bodies, and African style homesteads.

Have lunch in Gulu city, and then arrive at the lodge late in the evening for dinner and a sweet slumber. The rest should be good enough to usher you to the next day very fresh and ready for game sighting.

Day 8: Game drive, and boat cruise

Start your day with a mouthwatering breakfast meal at the lodge. Afterword’s, what follows is a 3-4 hours’ game drive from 07:00 hours. In the calmness of the morning, uncover what happens in the wild, where only animals live. The King of the Jungle-the lion; one of the fiercest animals in the world is present but hard to find except for luck. Other animals present include; elephants, Buffaloes, warthogs, giraffes, waterbucks, Jackson hartebeests, Uganda Kobs, and more. You will be challenged to distinguish between the male and female, what the animals feed on, lifespan and more. You also have birds such as the cranes, Turacos, Egyptian geese and more to tick off in your bucket list, the plants and more. Follow your game drive with Lunch.

At about 14:00 -15:00 hours in the evening hours, you will have a boat cruise to the bottom of the falls which is the world’s largest most powerful waterfalls. A boat ride on the Nile waters gives you the view of giant Nile crocodiles, hippos, aquatic birds, and different animals at the riverbank. You will spend time taking photos at the sight of these waterfalls, where you will clearly see water squeeze through the 7-meter gorge with a thundering sound while pouring to the Nile. After the experience, end of the day and return to the lodge for dinner and overnight stay.

Day 9: Depart for Kibale forest National Park

After breakfast, you will depart Murchison falls national park for the primate capital-Kibale forest national park. This journey comes with the view of rolling hills, plantations, and busy trading centers. There will be an enroute stopover for Lunch, and then arrive at the lodge late in the evening for dinner and overnight.

Kibale forest national park is a haven to over 13 primate species, dominated by chimpanzees. This forest is also known for variety of plant species, birds and forest mammals. Chimpanzee trekking is done in the morning and afternoon hours.

Day 10: Chimpanzee trekking and Bigodi swamp tours

Start your day with breakfast at the lodge. Afterword’s, you will transfer to the park headquarters for a pretrekking briefing. There will be document verification, and a talk on the trekking dos and don’ts, the life of the chimpanzees and on what to expect in the forest.

The trekking exercise is on foot, lasting for approximately 1-4 hours, through the forest where you have the opportunity of identifying some more birds, plants, forest mammals such as the forest mammals, and other primates that share this jungle. Among these are the white and black colobus monkeys, grey cheeked monkeys, the baboons, vervet monkeys, olive baboons, and more. The chimpanzees have been tamed to accommodate human presence thus you will be safe. They are so wise, and feed on primarily leaves, stems and fruits. You will be interested in their feeding technique, laughter’s and appearance.

After spending an hour with chimpanzees, you will return to the lodge for lunch break. The evening hours will be spent in Bigodi swamp; one of the Ramsar sites in the country. There you will have a board walk, interaction with the local natives, and also see some of primates that have escaped the forest, such as the baboons. At sunset, you will return to the lodge for dinner and a peaceful nap.

Day 11: Visit Semuliki national park

Wakeup early morning and greet yourself with a delicious breakfast meal. Thereafter, hit the road on a two hour drive to semiliki national park, while enjoying the breathtaking view of the snowcapped mountain Rwenzori, green vegetation cover and the plantations. Upon arriving at the park, you will be briefed, and the accompanied for bird watching and site seeing of the Sempaya hot springs. It is a lovely forest walk, where you get to identify among others; different primates, botany, forest mammal and the, different butterfly species.

There are over 40 % Uganda’s total bird species notably the hamerkoop, sunbird, bellied kingfisher, Nkulengu rail, spot breasted Ibis, long tailed hawk, and more. After the photography, and spending time at the Sempaya hot springs, boiling an egg, and listening to what the guide says, you will call it a day and return to your lodge as fort portal city for an overnight stay after dinner. Lake Bunyonyi is the second deepest lake in the African continent.

Day 12: Crater lake tours and relax.

Start this day with a mouthwatering breakfast meal at the lodge. Thereafter, you will proceed to have a tour around the different crater lakes in Fort portal city. The local guide will explain how the crater lakes where formed, and also engage you in a few activities like canoe ride and spot fishing at the craters. These crater lakes where formed as a result of Volcanicity.

They are many and are different in sizes and shape. 30 minutes ride south of fort portal is; the Lake Nyabikere which is translated as “lake of frogs”. You will also hike from Nyabikere to Lake Nkuruba via Nyamirima. Have a Lunch break, and follow with an afternoon Nyinambuga. This lake features in the 20,000 currency note of Uganda. After exploring the crater lakes, you will return to the lodge for refreshment and dinner. The rest of the evening is left for you to choose either an early night stay, or a night life around fort port-portal city.

Day 13: Transfer to Rwenzori Mountains NP

After breakfast, you will checkout of the lodge for a transfer to Mountain Rwenzori National park. Mountain Rwenzori is the tallest mountain in Uganda and the third tallest in the continent of Africa at 5109m above sea level. The road trip from fort portal city to Kasese lasts for about 3-4 hours, with the view of the waters, farmlands, dotted homesteads and more. You will have an enroute stopover where the driver guide finds interesting and also for Lunch. In the evening hours, you will have an afternoon arrival at the lodge for refreshment, dinner and a nap.

Day 14: Explore Mount. Rwenzori

Wake up in the morning for breakfast. Afterword’s, there will be a hike through the montane forest cover with different tree species, birds, reptiles such as the three horned chameleons, and primates. You will join the trail to samalira which is the highest point of the hike. You will then connect to Nyamwamba River with its stunning ravine forest and birds like the kingfisher. On a lucky day this walk offers an opportunity of encountering the; black and white Columbus monkeys, watch the chimp nests, see the three horned chameleons, Rwenzori Turacos, weaver birds, long-eared owl, handsome Francolin, Rwenzori batis, cinnamon-chested bee-eater, barred long-tailed cuckoo and more.

The snow-capped Mountain Rwenzori stands at a height of 5109mtrs above sea level, thus the highest mountain in Uganda and the third highest in the continent of Africa. It is a place for a “Mystical challenge”. Spend the entire day out with Lunch and being helped by the potters who support in carrying your luggage and offering any needed support. At sunset, retire to the lodge for dinner and a nap.

Day 15: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park

After a sunrise breakfast meal at the lodge, you will depart for the Medley of wonders-queen Elizabeth national park. The name “Queen Elizabeth” came about in 1939 in recognition of the visit of King Gorge VI and Queen Elizabeth. Edmonton city honored the two, and changed the parks name. It is to date one of the most visited national parks in Uganda, and the second largest.

A drive from the snowcapped mountain Rwenzori lasts for about 1 hour with views of homes, farmlands, and hills. Arrive at you lodge in the park and settle in for Lunch and a free evening. End this day at sunset with dinner and sleep.

Day 16: Game drive and Boat cruise

Sunrise game drive at Queen Elizabeth national park will be at 6:30 am, for about 3-4 hours. This morning hour is best recommended as it offers a great chance of encountering the nocturnal creatures such as the lions, leopards, hippos and the hyenas that are often feed/hunt at night.

Other birds and animals that you can come across include among others; the great hammer kop, little egret, cattle egrets, goliath heron, great white pelicans, blue monkeys, olive baboons, waterbuck, the topis, giant forest hogs, warthogs and more. You will also delight capturing the beauty of the park and the stunning landscape on camera. It will be one of those few days in your life when breakfast will be in the bush, but safe from any animal attack. After, return to the lodge for lunch.

In the afternoon hours, there will be boat cruise for approximately 2 hours in the open Kazinga channel. There you will spot the crocodiles, hippos, several aquatic birds, the swamp land, the animals at the banks, and enjoy the cool water breeze. After the boat cruise, depart to the lodge for dinner and a nap.

Day 17: Transfer to Bwindi impenetrable NP

At day break, you will depart Queen Elizabeth national park for Bwindi impenetrable national park via Ishasha sector. The Ishasha route presents an opportunity of an enroute stopover for tree climbing lion trekking. This is the only destination to find this species of Lions that are believed to climb trees to have a clear view of the prey, escape from the tsetse flies, and more.

On a good day you will encounter one or more lazily lying at the tree branches. Afterwards, you will depart for lunch, and then proceed with the journey to the Gorilla haven with the view of plantations, settlements, farmlands, mountains and waters. Arrive and check-in at the lodge for dinner and a peaceful nap.

Day 18: Gorilla trekking

Wakeup to a heavy breakfast meal at the lodge. Thereafter, you will transfer to the park headquarters for a pretrekking briefing which lasts for approximately 30 mins. The ranger guides take the briefing time to explain the trekking dos and don’ts, assign a guerrilla troop and then accompanied you to the Jungle. Depending on how far the Apes have moved, the trekking exercise lasts for approximately 1-8 hours on foot plus an additional hour for photography and to see your cousins in their natural habitat. Each Guerrilla troop has a unique behavior and family size.

They spend different nights in different places, feed on vegetables, and are shy. They are tamed to accommodate human presence and are not harmful unless feeling attacked. As the search progresses, you can meet the different primates, birds, forest mammals and identify the different plants unique to forest. Mountain Gorillas can only be found in Africa, and they possess over 98% human like DNA.

When you meet them, you will spend about an hour with them, take photos, watch the silver back, the youngsters playing, and the mothers nurse their young ones. The trekking rules must be observed within the one hour stay in their presence. Afterword’s, you will have lunch, and thereafter return to the lodge for relaxation, dinner and a nap.

Day 19: Batwa community walk and cultural tours

After breakfast, you will join the Batwa for the Batwa trail walk which starts at the foot of Muhuvura cave. It is through this walk that you uncover the life of the Batwa pygmies. These were hunters and gatherers who depended on the forest for food, medicine and shelter.

This walk is in Buhoma sector, led by the Batwa. The Batwa are short, and put on the traditional outfit as their forefathers often did. Not until they were displaced from the forest, caves acted as their houses; fed on the wild animals, and used plants as herbs to cure the different sicknesses. They believed in gods and witchcraft. This trail hike lasts for approximately 3 or more hours, deep in the forest.

The Batwa will take you through their former lives as hunters and gatherers in the forest. The hike starts with evoking the spirits of protection. Other things you expect during this hike include; demonstration of how to set fire without match box or lighter; identification of plants and their use, hunting art and visit to the caves.

After the trail walk, you will return to the lodge for Lunch, and thereafter go for a cultural experience by the Batwa pygmies. This evening entertainment includes; songs, dance, and community walk with the Batwa natives. At sunset, you will return to the lodge for dinner and a peaceful nap.

Day 20: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi

At day break, Breakfast is served, before you check out and say good bye to your relatives the endangered mountain Gorillas. The transfer will be at 12:00 hours on a journey that will last for about two hours depending on the nature of the road. As you listen to the stories from your guide, the eyes will be won by the eye-catching sceneries, trees, water bodies, forest covers and the rolling hills. Lake Bunyonyi is one of the stunning safari destinations in Uganda.

Because of its beauty and tranquility, it is regards as the “second Switzerland” in Africa. You will arrival at your lodge in the evening hours, greet your intestines Ugandan food, and retire to bed when all is done.

Day 21-22: Explore Lake Bunyonyi

For this two days, you will be relaxing from all activities done, and setting your body to the life after the vacation. You will take two days exploring the only Switzerland in the continent of Africa. The lake is one of the safest in the world, with no bilharzia, crocodiles, and hippos, but a host to over 200 bird species. The over 29 islands surrounding it are the breeding grounds for these birds. The lake is believed to have formed about 10,000years ago, as a result of lava flow from one of the Virunga Mountains.

The days start with breakfast, and then optional activities around the lake. Among those is canoe ride around the lake which is the best way of exploring the different islands and getting to know the different stories. Other activities include swimming, Island hopping for two or more hours, community and cultural tours to observe the rural life, nature walk, mountain biking, high rope course, zip-lining, or bird watching. The aim is for you to take a cool rest yet with a vast option of what to do and see in two days. Lunch and dinner meals all well-planned and a great sleep in the cozy beddings.

Day 23: Transfer to Lake Mburo NP

Wakeup very early in the morning for a glass of Juice. Afterwards; embark on a 5-6 hours’ road trip to Lake Mburo National park. The journey to the park is through a route marked by breathtaking landscape, lush plantations, scattered homesteads and more.

You will have an enroute stopover for lunch, but also in any place your driver guide recommends. Lake Mburo national park has the largest concentration of Antelope species in Uganda. It is the only destinations with the Zebras and the Impalas. There will be an evening arrival at your lodge for check-in, dinner and a peaceful sleep.

Day 24: Game drive and Boat cruise

At break, you will have a tasty breakfast meal at the lodge. Thereafter, go for a game drive experience at the open savannah park. Lake Mburo national park is the nearest game park to the capital Kampala, and also one of the places you can do game drive on foot, a horse or a bicycle.

The dangerous cats are the rarest if not there. Present in the park are the Buffalos, hippos, zebras, elands which is the largest antelope species, waterbucks, Uganda Kobs, crocodiles, Jackson hartebeest, topis, and more. The park is also home to the rare birds like the hammerkop and shoebill stork; unique plant species, and more. The game drive session will last for 3-4 hours, followed by a lunch break.

You will spend the evening on a boat cruise in Lake Mburo. For 1-2 hours, you will lookout for the water lovers such as the hippos, crocodiles, and the birds, but not forgetting the animals that come to the banks to quench their thirst. At sunset, you will call it a great day. Return to the lodge for refreshment, dinner and night stay.

Day 25: Departure

After a tasty cup of coffee, you will depart for Entebbe international airport/Kampala city to relax and have a great moment while departing the country. There will visit the equator for photos and study of the imaginary line that divides the earth into two-the northern and the southern hemisphere. There is a change experienced when cross from the northern to the southern hemisphere and vice versa.

When right in the middle of the line, your gadgets are also will automatically loose network. This and more are the facts the demonstrators will explain. Afterword’s, proceed for lunch in Kampala city, and then depart.

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