20 Days Uganda Safari


Travel boss here we go. A trip around Uganda in 20 days, spending nights the most comfortable way; a taste of Ugandan food, amazing rides and new connections. You get to experience both modern and rural life, while uncovering the wildlife. Uganda is a tiny beautiful country in the East of the continent of Africa. It ranks as one of the most hospitable, safest, and diverse countries in the world.

Explore its natural wonders in the central region, eastern travel circuit and the Albertine rift valley region. we take you to do Abseiling and nature walk at Sipi falls; explore river Nile, game viewing at Kidepo valley, game drive and boat cruise at Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls national park; relaxation at lake Bunyonyi; chimpanzee trekking at Kibale forest national park, Bird watching at semiliki national park; crater lake tour and top of the world hike at fort-portal city; and Gorilla trekking at Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Additionally, you will have cultural exchange, city tour, and more. The trip starts and ends in Entebbe international airport. There is something for you each day, thus come ready with a professional camera for photography, binoculars, travel documents and good a petite for Ugandan cuisine.

Day1: Arrival

This is the first day of your 20 days Ugandan experience. So our safari driver guide will pick you up from the airport, meet and greet and thereafter drive to the Hotel in the city. Enroute, you will have the stunning view of Lake Victoria, which is the second largest fresh water lake in the world. Additionally, the traffic, busy streets, and the infrastructure make up the days experience.

You will be in Kampala, Uganda’s largest capital and trade hub, with natives from all parts of the country thus the cultural diversity. You will check-in to the lodge, and depending on your arrival time, there will be an evening city tour, visiting the local markets to do some shopping, the national Museum, and then to experience the night life. Kampala is a city that never sleeps. End this day with a peaceful nap at the lodge.

Day2: A day in Jinja city – Zip lining at Mabira forest

After breakfast, you will transfer to Jinja city, with an enroute stop over at Mabira for zip lining.  Mabira forest offers the best zip-lining experience in Uganda. It is one of the few existing natural forests in the country. This route also features busy towns, plantations, and the Magical Jinja Bridge which usher you to the tourism city.

Lunch will be at the source of the Nile, where you will spend the evening on photography, and a canoe ride to the source of the Nile; while the longest river in the world starts its approximately three-month Journey to the Mediterranean Sea, through several countries including Egypt and the republic of south Sudan.  You will also see the portrait of Mahat Magadhi, and others who for the love of Uganda choose to be buried here.  At dinner, you will drive to your lodge around Jinja town for check-in, dinner and a peaceful snooze.

Day3: Transfer to Sipi falls

Wakeup to a bright morning with a delicious breakfast meal. At about 10:00 hours, you will embark on a journey to Sippi Falls national park in the eastern city of Mbale and Kapchorwa. Sippi falls is a stunning geographical feature located at the backdrop of Mount Elgon which runs through Uganda and Kenya. Mountain elgon has one of the largest calderas in east Africa. Sippi falls has three fall, which get their water from the mountain which stands about 4000 mtrs above sea level.

The second fall stands at 100 mtrs above sea level; the first is at 85mtrs above sea level and the third at 65mtrs above sea level. There is a man-made cave in the third cave. You will get to Mbale city with the view of Wanale hills, rice plantations, and more. Lunch will be in Mbale city, before transfer to your lodge, for check-in, refreshment, dinner and a peaceful nap.

Day 4: Nature walk and Abseiling at Sipi Falls

Wakeup relaxed and go for a lip-smacking breakfast meal at the lodge. Thereafter, follow this with a guided nature walk to the three falls of Sippi, the neighboring community and more. It is a whole day of physical exercise, photography and connecting with Mother Nature. The hike takes about 3 hours, and you will spend time watching the falls, taking photos, and asking the guide about the place. From the first falls, to the second and then the third. Each fall has a story a beautiful scenery. There will be abseiling experience to the bottom of the falls as a test of courage.

You will also identify a few bird species, the plantations such as the Arabica coffee, bananas, and other crops planted in the area. There is a craft shop where you can buy some souvenirs in remembrance of Sippi falls. Lunch will be around Sippi falls. You can also visit the Sabin community to see how they live and benefit for the falls. At sunset, return to the lodge for a sunset dinner meal and a peaceful nap.

Day 5: Depart for Kidepo valley NP

Very early in the morning, you will depart for Kidepo valley National park in the northern part of Uganda. The journey takes about 8-9 hours, with an enroute stopover for site seeing at Nyero rock painting and Lunch. The route to the park is largely a maram road, but exposing you to the rural life of one the most Known Cultures in the country. You will lookout for the Karamojongs in their Manyattas, some bare chest and others gathered in a shed sharing a local brew (Ajon).

At times you will get the chance of spotting the donkeys, cattle and more being grazed. Northern part of Uganda is hotter than other parts of the country, thus be mindful of your outfit unless advised otherwise by the driver guide. You will get to the park in the evening hours and proceed to the lodge for dinner and a nap.

Day 6: Game drive and Cultural adventure

Wakeup at 06:00 hours and prepare for game drive which starts at exactly 06:30 hrs. Before sunrise, animals are easily seen, and chances of encountering the night hunters very high. Kidepo valley is one of the few unspoilt savannah parks in east Africa. It is a habitat to several prey and predators that roam freely at the open savannah park.  for 3-4 hours, you will lookout for among others the cheetahs, lions, leopards, Uganda Kobs, hyenas, warthogs, elephants, Buffaloes, and more; plants, birds such as the Ostrich which is the world’s heaviest flying bird, and only found here.

There are primates, reptiles, and more around the park though luck is required to have an up-close experience. Breakfast will follow the game drive experience. No landscape matched that of Kidepo valley in Uganda thus perfect for nature photos.

Lunch will follow breakfast, and at about 15:00 hrs, you will have an entertaining evening with the Karamojong people. The Karamojongs will take you through their stories, around the Manyattas, cattle herds, and climax the tour with dance and songs. Feel free to buy some of the souvenirs sold, before returning to the lodge for dinner and a peaceful nap.

Day 7: Kidepo to Murchison Falls NP

Start this day with a mouthwatering breakfast meal at the lodge. Thereafter, checkout of the lodge with a game drive as you transfer to the Albertine safari circuit. From a true wilderness to Uganda’s largest and oldest national park. This Journey takes approximately 6-7 hours, with an enroute stopover for lunch at Gulu city.

Route to Gulu city is filled with lots of geographical features to lookout for such as the river, and rolling hills. The natives will also present some locally made souvenirs to buying. In your restaurant, change the diet by Trying out some of the northern food, which are most dry. Try out Kalo, sweet potatoes, cassava and more. After Lunch, proceed with the drive to your lodge for dinner and peaceful nap.

Day 8: Game drive and Boat cruise

Wakeup to a game drive in the northern part of Murchison Falls National park. The other sector in the park is the southern sector dominated by trees. The game drive session lasts for approximately 3-4 hours, through the designated trails. Murchison is a host to among others; the lions, leopards, warthogs, giraffes, African elephants, cape Buffaloes, waterbuck, the Jackson hartebeest, hyenas, cranes, baboons, vultures, and more. Game viewing is fun, and you are advised to go with an open mind as at any time, the animal in your wish list can come your way. The ranger guide will describe these animals by name, character, feeding and other whatever you need to know. Spend time capturing the stunning landscape on camera. Afterword’s, there will be breakfast in the wild, before you return for some rest and Lunch. 

In the afternoon hours, you will have a rewarding 3 – hour boat cruise to the bottom of the thundering waterfalls – Murchison falls, and later top of the falls visit where you get the opportunity of watching the falls up-close as well as the permanent rainbow if there is some sunlight. As you sail through the Nile, you will enjoy the cool breeze, and watch the different aquatic animals such as the hippos, Nile crocodiles, the aquatic birds and the different animals on the river bank. From the top of the falls, you will depart to your lodge for dinner and a peaceful sleep.

Day 9: Transfer to Kibale

First thing this day is greeting your intestines with a mouthwatering breakfast meal at the lodge. Thereafter, you will checkout of the lodge for a transfer to Kibale forest national park.  This road trip lasts for approximately 7-8 hours, with the views of the plantations, rolling hills, dotted homesteads, and more. You will have an enroute stopover for Lunch.

Kibale forest National park is the primate capital, with over 13 unique primate species; most of those being the chimpanzees. After Lunch, proceed with the drive to your lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 10: Chimpanzee trekking and top of the world Hike

At day break, an energizing breakfast meal will be served, and after having it, transfer to the park headquarters for a pretrekking briefing. The briefing session takes about 30 minutes, with the ranger guides explaining the trekking dos and don’ts, the life of the chimpanzees, what is in the forest, and more. Chimpanzees are very wise, as seen through their feeding, nursing and interactions. The one hour you will spend with them will enable you see and compare their way or life and appearance with man. They spend most of their time one the ground, with the infants skipping from one tree branch to another as they play.

These Apes feed on fruits, leaves, stems, ants and in rare occasion flesh.  In the evening, they erect their tents for the night. The trekking session is for approximately 1-4 hours, with the chance of identifying the different plant species with their use, other primates and birds. Be informed that there are forest mammals such as the buffaloes and elephants here. After chimpanzee trekking, you will return to the lodge for Lunch, and then top of the world Hike in the evening with Isunga community. At the top of the world, you will take photos, watch the sunset, and then return to the lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 11: Visit Semuliki National Park

After breakfast, you will transfer to Semiliki National park, which is a 2-3 hour drive from fort portal city. The journey rewards you with the stunning view of the backdrop of the snow-capped mountain Rwenzori; one of the tallest mountain in the African continent.  Upon Arriving at the park, the park rangers will welcome and great you, briefing on what the park has. Afterwards, you will get to the Jungle on a bird watching hike to the Sempaya hot springs. Semiliki national park is the smallest national park in in Uganda, but with 40% of the total bird species in Uganda. Among them are the egrets, the cranes, shoebill stock, Turacos, sunbird, and more. The semiliki forest is an extension of the Ituri forest in the democratic Republic of Congo.

Identify the plants, birds and some primates on the way. There are two hot springs; the Male and the Female hot spring referred to as the “Nyasimbi”. When you get to there, spend time taking photos, preparing an egg on the boiling water and more. It is believed that the Sempaya hot springs is spiritual and thus used by the natives to do cleansing rituals. End this day with dinner and a nap.

Day12: Fort portal crater tours and transfer to Queen Elizabeth NP

Wakeup to a heavy breakfast meal at the lodge. Thereafter, start the Journey to Queen Elizabeth national park. However, there will be a visit to the different crater lakes around fort portal city. The craters lakes are stunning geographical features around the place. Our company driver guide will be able to tell their stories, formation and relevancies. Afterwards, you will have lunch, and then proceed to Queen Elizabeth national park, where you will arrive late in the evening, registering at the gate, and entering with a scenic sunset game drive. There are animals you will spot on your way to the lodge for check-in, dinner and a sweet slumber.

Day 13: Game drive and Boat cruise

06:30 hours is the time when our game drive will begin, lasting for approximately 3-4 hours, around the open savannah park. No guarantee of what animal to encounter,  but these and more are present; the lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants, warthogs, Uganda Kobs, the tree climbing lions, waterbuck, Jackson hartebeests, the jackals, birds such as the cranes, Turacos, egrets, vultures and more; the primates, reptiles and more. The tour guide will follow the set game drive trail, but explain the life of the different animals, plants and whatever you will want to know. Enjoy photography of Mother Nature and what is transpiring in the jungle. Breakfast will be in the wild. 

After game drive, you will return to the lodge for some refreshment and Lunch. Thereafter, A boat cruise at the Kazinga channel; a haven to hippos, crocodiles, aquatic birds, and a source of water for the animals in the park. The boat cruise lasts for approximately 2 hours, with calm lake breeze, and together with other people. This day ends with dinner and a peaceful nap

Day 14: Transfer to Bwindi impenetrable NP via Ishasha sector

At day break, you will have Breakfast, and thereafter depart to the asylum of your cuisines the endangered mountain Gorillas. Mountain Gorillas are the world’s most powerful primate species and can only be found in the continent of Africa. They are reportedly from the same ancestry with human beings. This road trip is through Ishasha sector where you will stop for some time and lookout for the tree climbing lions lazily resting at the tree branches.

Thereafter, have lunch, and then go on with the drive, with the view of plantations and breathtaking landscape. The misty Bwindi forest will welcome you to one of its sectors where you will retire to the lodge for dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 15: Gorilla trekking

Start your day with a cup of coffee. Thereafter with packed Lunch, Gorilla trekking permits and more, you will go to the park headquarters for a pretrekking briefing. The 30 minute briefing session covers a talk about the gorillas, gorilla trekking dos and don’ts, and assigning a group of about 8 adults a troop. The hike then starts, with the leadership of an experienced ranger guide who will first take you to the place where the Apes were last spotted. In case they have moved, then follow their footsteps, scent, broken tree branches and leaves. Each day Gorillas move to new territories, led by an alpha Male with a silver like lining at the back; the silver back. Though the hike is tiresome; the opportunity of encountering these Apes is for a lifetime memory. These are the most powerful primates in the world. After meeting them, the trekking rules stand, and you are given a maximum of an hour to be with the Apes. 

This is to take photos, watch the silverback, and the mothers nurse its young stars. The young stars spend the better part of their time playing, and skipping from one tree branch to another. These are vegetarians that depend on leaves, fruits and roots in the forest. They get water from mist. After the trekking exercise, you will return to the lodge for refreshment, dinner and a peaceful snooze.

Day 16: Batwa trail walk and cultural experience

Have you ever imagined knowing nothing but a forest life? After breakfast, you will join the Batwa pygmies for the Batwa trail walk. The activity is to show you the former life of the Batwa as hunters and gatherers. It is also one way of uncovering the forest, discovering the herbal plants, the caves and the animals therein. You will be guided by a Batwa, who begins by performing some rituals which is said to be evoking the spirits of protection. After the rituals, the walk in the forest begins, taking you to the caves which was their homes, showing the plants used for herbs and medication, the fruits, and the more.

As wonderers; the Batwa basically fed on wild animals they hunted in the forest, used leaves as clothes, and believed in their “gods”. The guide will take you places and explain to their genesis to the present day. After the forest walk, you will have a Lunch break. In the evening, get unmatched entertainment by the Batwa, through dance and songs. This day then ends at the lodge with dinner and a night stay.

Day 17: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi

Today, depart for Lake Bunyonyi after Lunch. Bwindi impenetrable national park to Lake Bunyonyi is about 3 hours, with great views of the lush plantations, lakes, and the homesteads at the countryside. Lake Bunyonyi is the deepest fresh water Lake in East Africa, and is surrounded by over 29 Islands. The Name is derived from local word “Nyonyi” meaning birds. This is a haven of birds, and your eyes will be fed by them. You will arrive at sunset, get to the lodge for dinner and a peaceful nap.

Day 18-19: Explore Lake Bunyonyi

These are two days of rest. You wake up to a mothering breakfast meal, and then choose what to do. All is optional. You can take a canoe ride to any of the 29 islands that surround the Lake. For example, to the punishment Island, which was used for discipline unmarried young girls caught engaging in sexual acts. They were abandoned in this forest to die or be eaten by the wild animals. Once at the island, there was no way of escaping.

Other activities include bird watching guided by the local guides; nature walk, fishing, swimming and more. Lake Bunyonyi is very tranquil, with lots of trees, monkeys, birds, and a beautiful scenery. It was regarded as the second Switzerland in Africa. At sunsets, you will retire to bed with dinner and an overnight stay.

Day 20: departure

After breakfast, you will checkout of Lake Bunyonyi on a scenic drive to Entebbe international airport for your flight home. Enroute, there is a stopover at the equator for Lunch, and photography. The equator is an imaginary line that divides the earth into two; the northern and southern hemisphere and crosses only thirteen countries in the world.

At the demonstration point, the experts will make you understand what happens when you cross from the northern to the southern hemisphere and when you are right in the middle of the line. The day ends with a good bye by our safari guide at the airport.

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