10 Days Rwenzori Mountaineering Adventure


This safari to Rwenzori Mountains takes you to explore and take the money of the challenging adventure in Uganda. Rwenzori Mountains is ranked to be the best mountaineering adventure in Africa and the ninth in the whole world by National Geographic.

The trails used are amazing to the summit and back with unique plants like the lobelia, primates like the red tailed monkeys, birds like the turacos, beautiful sceneries like the snows at Marguerite peak and more others. Hiking will be the main activity but in the way to this park, you can opt to stop for tea experience or visit the Toro Royal palace in Fort Portal city.

Day 1. Transfer to Mount. Rwenzori National Park from Kampala

Be picked by the assigned driver guide and then transfer to Kasese in Rwenzori mountains national park. The journey will take about 6 to 7 hours with a great view of Rwenzori mountain ranges while in Fort portal town, tea plantations and more. Have a chance of meeting primates like the olive baboons and more others. Arrive and head to the accommodation for dinner and night stay.

Day 2. Head to Nyakalengija gate and hike to Nyabitaba hut

Breakfast will be served together with packed lunch ready to set off to the park offices. Have a great time at Nyakalengija gate attending briefing that is so important while on your mountaineering adventure. Be offered with a park guide and then hire some porters to help you in carrying luggage.

The hike will begin as you pass through the local community of the Bakonzo and then cross river Mahoma on the wooden bridge. On this stage watch over different animals like the three horned chameleon, Black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys and many more others as also the birds will be spotted like the blue turaco.

Arrive at Nyabitaba hut (2651m) after roughly a 5 hours hike and relax as you prepare to proceed with a hike the next day.

Day 3. Hike to John mate hut

Proceed with trail as you enjoy the beautiful surrounding, great time for photography and start the bamboo forest and some parts are covered with rocks. While on the trail, Mt Stanley and Mt Speke will be seen as the guide will tell you about how they were named and whey. The trail also takes you into a long bog before making a long walk to John mate hut (3505m. At this point, have a great view of Margherita glaciers.

Day 4. Hike to Bujuku hut

Morning breakfast will be served and then proceed with a hike to Bujuku hut as you pass through Bujuku river and the Bigo bog, a point where you get to spot the unique giant Lobelia plants. As you proceed, spot Mount Stanley and Mount. Baker and on this will be behind Bujuku hut that stands at 3900m above the sea level.

Day 5. Hike to Elena hut

From Bujuku hut after breakfast, head to Elena hut as you pass through the more bog and the Hiking more of the steep slopes. This will be another adventure day as you pass at the metal ladder taking the right trail to Elena that the left which head to Scott-Elliot that is used to those that don’t like Hiking to Margherita peak. Arrive and head to the hut for diner as you prepare for another adventure to the peak.

Day 6. Hike to Margherita and descent to Kitandara hut

Wake up early and begin the hike at around 02:00 hours to the summit. This means that you will need the have a headlight lamp, the rope and enough drinking water with energy giving snack. Arrive at Margherita peak which stands at a height of 5109m above the seal level on the sunrise and take memorable photos. Since this is a freezing point, descend as you enjoy Lake Bujuku, Mount Stanley and Mount Baker and then Lake Kitandara while on this trail. Have a night at Kitandara hut.

Day 7. Descend to Guy Yeoman

Descend more to Guy Yeoman hut (3505m) with a great view of Democratic Republic of Congo to the west. This is a historical trail with great history of expedition by Duke of Abruzzi in 1906.

Day 8. Descend to Nyabitaba hut

Descend to Nyabitaba hut a journey that will take about 4 to 5 hours. This trail is amazing full of attractions like the bamboo tree and the alpine vegetation.

Day 9. Descent to Nyakalengija gate and transfer to the hotel

The Last breakfast will be serve in the mountain and then descend more to Nyakalengija gate passing through the forest with attractions like the three horned chameleons, primates and birds.

Arrive at the gate and handover all the booked materials and sign out. The driver guide will be here waiting for you to take to the hotel.

Day 10. Transfer back to Kampala

Wake up on leisure and head back to Kampala with a stopover in Fort portal to visit the Tooro kingdom palace and a short tea plucking experience. Proceed with the journey with enroute lunch in Mubende town and then a drop off at Entebbe international Airport to mark the end of 10 Days Rwenzori mountaineering adventure.

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